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Our Team

At the very heart of our work at Inciting Altruism lies a foundational belief in community. We are so incredibly appreciative of the tireless efforts of our contributors and the unwavering support of our readers and subscribers, without whom none of this would be possible. We may be facilitators, but you are Inciting Altruism.

Gregory Light - Cofounder

A graduate of McGill University, Gregory's primary introduction to the world of altruism and philanthropy were the years he spent fundraising door to door on behalf of UNICEF, the UNHCR, and OXFAM International, among other organizations, for whom he was able to raise upwards of $2 million. In addition to his efforts as a fundraiser, he has spent significant time volunteering for organizations both local and international, including food banks, educational organizations, and mobile healthcare operators.


In 2017 he founded the non-profit, Didomi, which sought to connect individual and community led projects across the developing world to donors in the global north via an easy to use web-platform. Most recently, Gregory has served as a researcher for VisionSpring Inc., a social enterprise dedicated to providing low-income families with access to eyeglasses and quality eye care the world over.

Inciting Altruism is his new venture in conjunction with one of his greatest friends and role models; it is Gregory's way to combine his love of altruism with his pursuit of deeper meaning.


Aayzed Tanweer - Cofounder

A fellow graduate of McGill University, Aayzed was first exposed to the world of volunteering when we had the chance to work at the world's largest micro-finance institution, Akhuwat, as a loan officer distributing interest-free loans to the underprivileged. An engineer by profession, he has ever since been passionate about leveraging technology to help build stronger communities and positively impact the world around him.


Throughout university, he has helped  create several targeted fundraising campaigns in conjunction with organizations such as Movember and Right to Play, in an effort to raise public awareness and funds for various causes within his community. Additionally, he has worked closely with Greenpeace in the past to promote sustainable fishing and fossil-fuel divestment efforts.

At Inciting Altruism, Aayzed is incredibly excited to delve deeper into the world of volunteering and cement his dedication to doing good, in addition to building a community of passionate, like-minded altruists all over the world.


Francisco Javier López Galván - Production Lead

A former student of filmmaking and media producer, Francisco got his first taste of altruism at a young age during middle school when he first started helping out in an orphanage and children services government institution in México where he was lucky enough to not only witness but feel the kindness of people as he met fellow volunteers.


Having such opportunity left Francisco with an urge to always help others and mainly believe that there is good out in the world. He kept being a regular volunteer for over two years until the institution had to move the whole operation to a different state. Ever since he had been searching for a cause to support, longing the day he could feel the heartwarming feeling of altruism again; until he met Gregory and subsequently Aayzed.


For Francisco, Inciting Altruism feels like the long awaited destination to the journey he had been on, in the search for true goodness on earth. With no remorse for clichés he describes it as “The place he was meant to be in all along”. Excited to join the team and spread positivity into the world, Francisco takes on this new venture hoping to change the world for better, at least a little bit.

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