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We are all looking for happiness and we are all looking for meaning. Why not help each other?

Research shows that one of the best commitments that we can make towards our own happiness is to make a commitment to the happiness of others.
Here at Inciting Altruism, we have all decided to commit to – performing at least 1 Act of Kindness, giving 1 Minute of our Time, and giving away 1 Dollar – each and every day.

We call it our 1 for All Pledge, and we'd like to encourage everyone who engages with iA content to join us in taking the pledge.
Commit to spending at least part of each day helping others, and we at iA will commit to helping you do so.

If you need some help coming up with ideas on how to better help out your community, check out the iA Blog.
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the 1 for All Pledge



commit to prioritizing well-being in my life by caring for the well-being of others. 

I promise to try and see others not as others but as individuals no less important than myself.

I will perform at least one act of kindness, give at least one minute of my time, and donate at least one dollar, every day.

Lastly I pledge to seek out help myself whenever I might need it, and remember to see the value in my existence just as I try to see the value in others.

Thanks for joining our community of altruists. Now go out and do something good! We'll be here to help.

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